White Marble Cabine with Retractible TV

Have you ever thought about a TV lift cabinet for your design home? If not, the reason is probably due to the fact that you haven’t seen Dedalo’s white TV lift cabinet for luxury livings yet.
The TV lift cabinet is an extremely comfortable object whose function is to completely hide the TV so as not to make a technological object contrast with the surrounding furniture. This piece of furniture is generally equipped with a TV cabinet lift mechanism so that the TV can be pulled out using a button or a remote control only when the TV is used; in all other cases, the television resides inside the TV lift cabinet.
The TV lift cabinet is generally an element designed to fit perfectly with the type of furniture and design of the room in which it is installed.

hidden tv lift cabinet
The white TV lift cabinet designed by Dedalo Stone has this exact aim: combining practicality with aesthetic beauty. Its stone structure is deliberately powerful and solemn. Its square and rigorous shape fits perfectly into the living room area but, at the same time, it is perfect as a tv lift cabinet for end of bed in the bedroom. Dedalo’s TV cabinet with lift system, thanks to its motorized mechanism, represents a wonderful and mighty work of art when not used and an elegant stone support surface for the TV in moments of relaxation.
But now let’s go into more detail explaining what makes this piece of furniture truly special: the material it is made of, marble.

luxury lift up tv cabinet

Luxury TV Lift Cabinets in White Marble

What makes Dedalo’s white modern TV lift cabinet unique is undoubtedly its material: marble. Marble represents an element characterized by everlasting beauty; its colors and inimitable veins make it perfectly combinable with many types of furniture, from rustic to modern. The brilliance of white marble, in particular, has no equals and for these reasons it is considered one of the finest materials for interior designs, able to give give great value to the environment in which it is placed.
Dedalo Stone is a Company which boasts a long experience in marble processing and in the design of luxury stone furniture, with a predilection for the various types of marble available. Its goal is always to offer aesthetically beautiful, comfortable, long-lasting solutions that are designed to blend perfectly with the decor and mood of the house.
Likewise, also for the luxury TV lift cabinets, Dedalo’s objective remains the same. And here comes the white TV lift cabinet in marble: a pop up TV cabinet with a clean and minimal style. The simple and clear shape makes it appreciable in the most different contexts; its brilliance and smoothness given by marble stone distinguish it and make it an object of indisputable value; in short, not at all an ordinary tv lift cabinet.

custom tv white lift cabinet

Motorized TV Lift Cabinet

Then, this motorized TV lift cabinet must obviously be efficient for the function for which it was conceived: raising and lowering the television. In fact, even this aspect should not be underestimated. The mechanism of the retractable TV cabinet must be extremely reliable, silent and of quality. Dedalo is extremely attentive also to these aspects and, as a matter of fact, it always relies on and collaborates with experts in the field in order to find the best solution for the Customer. The final product is a high-level hidden TV lift cabinet with motorized system to raise and lower the television on demand in the simplest and most comfortable way.
white tv lift cabinet in marble

Custom TV Lift Cabinet

Finally, it should be pointed out that one of Dedalo’s greatest strengths is customization. What makes Dedalo’s products even more unique is the possibility of customizing them to the maximum and, also in this case, the Customer is offered the possibility of creating a custom TV lift cabinet, still to obtain his/her full satisfaction. The Customer can decide to opt for another shape (determined together with Dedalo’s staff) of the tv lift cabinet or to choose a different variety of marble or, why not, a totally different stone.
In short, the conclusion is that the possibilities are unlimited: the important thing is to rely on the experience and professionalism of Dedalo’s team and your luxury TV lift cabinet will be finally realized.

motorized tv lift cabinet in white marble

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