Marble for underfloor heating

The choice to install underfloor heating marble floor is the ideal solution to combine a unique system with high heat technology for the winter seasons and cooling for the summer seasons.

The pipes and the necessary heating elements to create the heating system are installed inside the screed which houses the entire flooring. It is a new type of heating system, conceived and studied using the latest generation techniques, capable of significantly reducing consumption and thus guaranteeing good economic savings.

Furthermore, this solution has a low environmental impact because it is characterized by thermal system capable of reducing air heating by using, at the same time, increasingly lower water temperatures. Installing an underfloor heating for stone floors increases the aesthetic beauty of your home by elegantly transforming every room into minimal spaces and by removing all the radiators, now considered obsolete.

Therefore, savings and beauty in a single system; all in the name of taste and well-being at three hundred and sixty degrees. It is clear that a system of such importance is generally designed during the initial planning of the house and the floor itself. The best material to use as flooring is chosen according to the Customer’s need, responding to personal tastes.

Marble is undoubtedly the most used element for an underfloor heating stone floor above all for its eternal nature, as well as for the refined elegance it can confer to any rooms.

Heated marble

Heated Marble

The versatility of marble as a coating for flooring allows the creation of highly customized floors. An onyx or stone floor represents a luxury and prestigious furnishing solution, able to last over time, guaranteeing authentic quality.

For the creation of the underfloor heating marble floor, our Company will carefully take care of all the design, by using highly luxury products and finest marbles, each chosen with care and taste.

The marble floor to be used for the underfloor heating is the ideal solution for those who love style and refinement.

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