Custom Marble Design for Apartment with Kitchen Island, Bathroom and Inlaid Floor

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This is a very eclectic project, in which we focused on the design, production and installation of customized marble furnishings, wall coverings and floors, inside the bathrooms, living room and kitchen. It can almost be said that each room has a story of its own, both in terms of material and custom marble design.
In the first phase, as always, we studied the project together with the architect and the property, in order to understand the tastes and expectations of the customers. This phase of the project is particularly important since we carefully analyze all the customer’s needs, subsequently transforming them into ideas, drafts and concrete proposals. This is also possible thanks to the drafting of a unique brief shared among our designers containing all the necessary information emerged from the dialogue with the customer, in order to keep the team’s attention focused on the same goal.

Marble Kitchen Sink

Marble kitchen design with custom island

For the kitchen, we built a monolithic marble countertop of 330 cm in white Carrara marble with a built-in sink, on which an induction hob was installed. At the center of the kitchen there is a custom-made marble island of the same size as the kitchen marble countertop. Given the large dimensions of the monolithic objects in marble, consisting of a single piece without joints or gluing, we have dedicated part of the work to searching and finding a high quality material that would have allowed a correct processing in large dimensions and would have also facilitated the subsequent phases of logistics, transportation and installation.

Marble kitchen island custom made in Carrara

Onyx Bathroom with Bookmatch Wall

The owner’s bathroom was made using 4 slabs of Emerald Onyx worked with bookmatch technique, edged with Pure White Onyx bands, in which some light points were installed to illuminate the shower, few centimeters from the floor. Emerald Onyx is a wonderful natural stone of rare beauty, which gives the bathroom a strong appeal to nature. The background colour of this stone is an emerald green, furrowed by powerful light and dark veins ranging from walnut-colored to white. The heterogeneity of the color shades, enhanced by the right lighting and bookmatch installation, allows you to create a unique and refined design space.
To counteract the expressive strength of the onyx wall, the bathroom floor has been realized with a sober interwoven dark wood parquet that contrasts well with the rest of the coverings.

Onyx bathroom shower with bookmatch wall

Elegant Bathroom with Inlaid Marble Floor with Geometric Patterns

The second bathroom has a less showy design but by no means trivial.
In this case, the floor is certainly the subject of the bathroom that attracts the attention. This element is given even more importance thanks to the installation of suspended sanitary ware. For this project, we created a marble floor consisting of inlays in various polychrome marbles, following a geometric pattern that alternates circles and squares in white and gray marble. The rest of the bathroom wall coverings are made of Bianco Carrara Extra marble.

Inlaid marble floor for bathroom made in Carrara

Marble fireplace

For the furnishing of the living room, we have created a tailor-made marble fireplace in Bardiglio Imperiale, carved by hand with floral decorations in relief in classical style, installed on a dark wood parquet. The marble fireplace is generally chosen to create a harmonious space, combining an eternal element like fire with the tradition and history of a millennial material. Recalling the ancient noble houses and castles, the stone fireplace creates an elegant and refined atmosphere. The characteristics of the stones used in the fireplace cover allow to spread and radiate heat in the room, even after turning it off, thanks to the heat stored.

Gray marble fireplace

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