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Designer: Dedalo Stone
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If you have decided to furnish your bathroom with marble or other natural stones and are looking for the best Italian artisans and designers for the realization of your furniture, you are in the right place.

A glass vessel sink with marble countertop could be the product from which to design the entire bathroom furniture.

Combining a precious material like marble with the lightness and modernity of glass is an elegant and contemporary choice to amaze your guests. Alma, together with the other wall mounted vessel sink Loto.

Square glass vessel bathroom sink Alma: custom sizes and features.

Alma Square glass vessel sink has an extra clear tempered glass bowl. The water drain covering is dug into the marble.
Thanks to the marble lightening technology, which reduces more than 50% of the product’s weight, it is possible to install the sink with 3 stainless steel rods of 24 mm diameter.
It is possible to place the integrated washbasin in any position on the top, by maintaining a minimum distance from the edge of 5 cm. The length of the countertop and the dimensions of the washbasin can be customized.

Why choosing a wall mounted sink for your bathroom

Buying a wall mounted sink offers advantages over countertop sinks: you can better wash all the surfaces of the sink with greater care by decreasing the amount of limestone deposited on the marble.
Mounting the washbasin to the wall optimizes the space of your bathroom avoiding buying a vanity to support the sink. All the furniture will be clean and minimal and everything will appear modern and light at a glance.
Thanks to our patented technology to lighten the marble, it will not be necessary to reinforce the wall of the bath and the whole installation will be much easier.

Marble and Natural stone Sinks: collections designed by Dedalo Stone, Carrara Italy

In addition to the two products that integrate stone and glass, Dedalo offers many alternatives to wall mounted sinks in marble or stone with different shapes and sizes.
Onda, rectangular wall mounted sink
Vola, modern wall mounted skin
Dune, double wall mounted sink.
wall mounted sink vola in marble
Square Glass Vessel Sink on Marble Countertop

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