Rolled Marble

rolled marble

Rolled marble, made by means of a marble finish called marble rolling or even scratching, is a worked marble with a rough surface full of irregular scratches. Thanks to the irregular texture that it creates both on marble and on stone in general, it is a marble finish that is particularly appreciated if performed on indoor or outdoor floors, which acquire a rustic and refined touch.

How rolled marble is obtained

Marble rolling or marble scratching can be carried out on practically any type of marble or natural stone. The rolled marble technique is carried out by means of machinery equipped with rollers (hence the term “marble rolling“) on which there are abrasive tips which, rotating at high speed, scratch the stone irregularly, creating light scratches on its surface, but without changing its color.

The lines created on the marble surface by means of this machine for rolled marble can be more or less evident and more or less deep according to the type of roller chosen to perform the marble rolling process.

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