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The choice of a wood and marble kitchen is dictated by the fact that, nowadays, style and design are indispensable in a kitchen. The kitchen is, in fact, the home space that most makes you think of family, conviviality, warmth and sharing: this is the reason why, even in the frenzy of modern life, its design should not be overlooked.

Precisely to satisfy the needs of the contemporary routine it is necessary to choose a unique model, perhaps made to measure with noble, durable, resistant materials and that, concurrently, do not neglect the aesthetic impact.

custom wood and marble kitchen

The wood and marble kitchen is a predominant topic of modern interior design: a room that perfectly represent style and functionality, practicality and high-end minimalism. These two materials, through wise mixing and combinations, are able to give any space, even small, a refined, precious and unmistakable mood. In fact, Dedalo Stone, a leading company in the design and implementation of customized solutions in wood and marble, perfectly knows the infinite possibilities and qualities of these natural and ethereal building elements. Dedalo Stone considers these precious materials ideal for emphasizing luxury and modern design in suitable domestic and everyday life spaces.

Wood is typically welcoming. It recalls nature, concreteness and is particularly suitable for both contemporary and classic kitchens. Marble, on the other hand, emphasizes the elegance and the uniqueness of the furniture while giving brightness and austerity thanks to its timeless appearance. To date, the marble and wood kitchen is glamorous especially if the marble slabs are backlit and if the chosen wood essence has dark shades. Not only that, the kitchen top in marble on wood with a chromatic contrast is equally trendy. The same wood can coexist in the parquet, in inserts such as doors, wall panels and various functional and stylistically scenographic details. Dedalo Stone is able to take advantage of these two materials to realize wonderful marble and wood kitchen accessories.

Nonetheless, this trend is not new. Just think of the marble on wood kitchen tops of the typical furniture of the 80s and 90s: these were considered must-haves for a refined and contemporary furniture at the time and today they are making a strong return as bearers of a classic and functional mood.

White Marble and Wood Kitchen

A noteworthy and very trendy project concerns the realization of a white marble and wood kitchen by using dark or light essences of wood. These two materials, marble and wood, blend very well above all for their refinement and completely natural, austere imprint: together they manage to give maximum practicality, durability and a unique style to any home environment.

dark wood and marble kitchen

The backlit kitchen, i.e. with a backlit light marble top, can for example give maximum brightness to the room and highlight the shapes of the top, the marble veins, the profile of the sink and also its classic or modern character.

modern marble and wood kitchen

In the same way, a dark wood and marble kitchen is very refined and contemporary. Dedalo Stone is the real point of reference for those looking for rooms of this kind and its staff will help the Customer to choose wood essences that best match the whiteness of the marble and its veins. Dedalo Stone is in fact specialized in the design and creation of furnishings and entire spaces in stone, marble and onyx and has an infinite and heterogeneous range of shades and types of materials in terms of mood and quality.
On our website there are various proposals and examples of marble kitchen already realized: get inspired and dive in the atmosphere of these contemporary and inimitable interior design solutions.

Marble and Wood Kitchen Table

A marble and wood kitchen table with marble used for the top is perfect for making the contemporary kitchen practical, full of pathos and traditional.

The most popular and trendy creation is the black wood and marble kitchen, that is to say the use of dark wood essences in contrast with the whiteness of some types of marble and, as an extra something, Dedalo Stone suggest to use backlit marble slabs.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for different shades, it is also possible to combine kitchen tables in light wood with dark marble, perhaps with veins that recall those of wood in shades and inclination.

For those who do not particularly like parquet, these solutions related to marble and wood kitchen table are ideal and will make the room welcoming, practical and timeless. Those who love art and architecture will find themselves taking a leap into the past and remembering the austerity and unique character of marble, the same used for the most significant buildings and sculptures of our artistic and historical background.

The same marbles can give a personalized touch to any space (even the smallest ones) and be used for marble and wood kitchen accessories such as backsplashes, doors, peninsulas and kitchen islands. The possibilities are truly endless and Dedalo Stone knows it well: everything can be taken advantage of, according to one’s tastes, to the style of the entire house and to one’s practical and functional needs.

Wood and Marble Kitchen Island

The combination of wood and marble gives a new light to conventional kitchen islands: in fact, a wood and marble kitchen island is far more practical and undoubtedly eye-catching. Put marble and wood near each other goes beyond mere material and chromatic contrast; it is a way of mixing two different styles: rustic and traditional with modern and refined. Wood is able to convey a natural and crude appeal while marble gives an unmatched touch of class and elegance.

The typical choice for the realization of a wood and marble kitchen island is to blend darker tones of wood with white marble in order to accentuate contrast. Yet, also dark varieties of marble are used especially for industrial or contemporary kitchens.
The standard combination, and the most successful and efficient in most cases, is a wooden kitchen island (the base and the storage units) with a countertop completely in marble. Both used as simple support surface and for a real countertop with preparation zone and cooking area, marble is able to give a cultured finish to your dream wood and marble kitchen island.

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