Marmo Striato Olimpico

marmo striato olimpico

A splendid material of Hellenic origin, Striato Olimpico is a grey marble whose peculiarity is its parallel and incredibly defined horizontal lines.
Natural stone used since ancient times in the Greek area for the construction of floors and columns of palaces and temples, Striato Olimpico marble is now extracted mainly in Turkey in good quantities. Striato Olimpico is always cut against the ground in order to bring out its famous stripes. The horizontal veins of Striato Olimpico, in fact, are undoubtedly the distinctive feature of this material and their regularity greatly affects the final price of the product.

marmo striato olimpico vendita lastre
The surface of Striato Olimpico, therefore, is an alternation of white and gray and sometimes black stripes; however, on the whole, Striato Olimpico is categorized among the grey marbles.
Striato Olimpico marble is generally used in projects with a modern cut and in indoor applications. Striato Olimpico slabs are particularly suitable for the construction of vertical floors and walls.
The best finish for Striato Olimpico is polishing as it is able to enhance its crystalline structure, the ordered and defined veins and the many shades.

Materiale: Marmo
Colore: Grigio
Provenienza: Turchia
Applicazioni: Rivestimenti, Pavimenti, Prodotti
Finiture: Lucidato, levigato, spazzolato, anticato

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