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Designer: Dedalo Stone
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A double marble sink is an elegant choice for a medium or large modern luxury bathroom. The choice of a double bowl product is elegant from an aesthetic point of view and practical for daily use. Placed inside the bath or in the antebathroom, it can be useful for the daily use of the family: it allows you to share spaces and optimize times.
The large surface area of Dune double bowl sink allows you to comfortably place bottles, soaps, razors and any type of care and personal hygiene product.
You can customize any type of accessory with the usual marble wash basin material. Custom Soap holders and containers can be designed and made with the materials with which you have furnished the bathroom. Furthermore, other furnishing elements can be designed such as the waste basket that can be integrated under the wall mounted sink. Visit our section of tailor made environments.

Marble double sink by Dedalo, size and materials: marbles and natural stone

This sink is handcrafted in white marble Calacatta Caldia ®: a precious marble extracted in the area of Carrara, on the Apuan Alps. This marble, ideal for interiors, is characterized by a gray-white background color together with slightly darker and more delicate sea green coloured veins. It is possible to make this wall mounted sink even in the most famous Carrara White Marble and in any other type of natural stone.
The two elliptical sinks are placed at a short distance from each other and offer a pleasant visual continuity.
The dimensions of Dune Sink with double bowls range from 150 cm to 210 cm in width and the single bowl version from 120 cm to 210 cm. The distance between the two bowls varies with respect to the size of the marble countertop. The large dimensions are ideal for large bathrooms in private homes or luxury hotels and resorts.
The version with single bowl can also be mounted as a countertop basin on a marble, wood or stone surface.marble double sink

Specifications of a wall mounted sink

A wall mounted sink is installed on the wall with simple metal brackets, generally in stainless steel. The technology designed by Dedalo for sinks and bathtubs makes it possible to lighten the weight of the marble furnishing accessory by 65%, allowing a simple installation of the product on the wall, without the need for reinforced supports.
The wall mounted sinks allow you to optimize the bathroom space avoiding the support piece, making your bathroom design aesthetically cleaner, modern and minimal.
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