How to clean marble

How to clean marble

Despite being an extremely resistant material, marble needs some attention and regular maintenance: nothing complex if not some simple and quick cleaning operations, which will take very little time. Therefore, in this article we will explain how to clean marble but, before this, we think it is appropriate to give some preliminary indications regarding the regular maintenance of marble and natural stone. As a matter of fact, thanks to a few precautions and to a periodic care of the marble you will have a product that is always clean, bright and free of stains. Here are few but very important tips.

• Simply wash marble with hot water and, if necessary, a little neutral soap. It is therefore not necessary to use abrasive sponges or corrosive detergents. The important thing is to wash the surface regularly: for example, it is advisable to always clean the kitchen work surface after preparing the meals. It is also important to immediately remove any aggressive substances such as vinegar, coffee, lemon juice or tomato, accidentally dropped on the marble surface.

• It is of fundamental importance to always dry the surface after wetting it, as letting the residues of water dry on the marble surface will favor its opacification due to limestone. Excellent, for example, a chamois cloth to dry and, at the same time, polish well by removing all halos.

How to clean marble stains

In the event that marble has persistent stains as the staining substance has now been absorbed, it is possible to act effectively with other natural products such as baking soda or Marseille soap. The best procedure to clean marble stains in such cases is as follows:

1. First of all, clean the surface with a microfibre cloth soaked in a little warm water.

2. Then, clean the halo with Marseille soap, rubbing gently again with the microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the damaged surface with a little baking soda and pass the microfibre cloth over it with circular movements.

3. After that, rinse the microfibre cloth with warm water and use it to clean the surface of the soap or baking soda residues.

4. Finally, as mentioned above, do not let the surface dry itself but dry it well with a clean cloth. A chamois cloth is excellent otherwise clean absorbent paper can be used.

How to clean marble stains

How to clean marble countertops remove water stains

For instance, we hereby explain how to clean marble countertops to remove water stains (or better to say limestone), a very common annoying problem due to the excessive presence of calcium in the water. Since the composition of the anti-limescale products on the market is aggressive, it is advisable not to overuse them and, in any case, always dilute these products to 50% with warm water. If you prefer to use natural products, you can create a paste with Marseille soap and baking soda, rub it on the surface, leave for a few minutes, then wash with warm water and dry well.

How to clean old marble

Sometimes, also due to the grease used in the kitchen, especially white marble and light marbles in general can stain and turn yellow with the passing of time: so, how to clean old marble? Two elements are particularly handy and effective for removing the grease from white marble and making it shine again as it is new:

• Potato starch: sprinkle a little starch on the yellowed surface and let it rest for a few minutes so that the starch slowly absorbs the grease. Wash well with warm water and a little neutral detergent.

• Pumice stone: rub it gently on the damaged surface, after which wash also in this case with warm water and neutral detergent. We recommend using this method only on old marbles because it is an aggressive procedure that could even worsen the situation, based on the type of stain and material to be treated, since it is an abrasive method that removes material. The safest alternative is to use specially designed delicate abrasive kits.

Professional products for cleaning marble

Since there are many types of marble and natural stones, each with its own structural and chromatic characteristics, it is always better to consider contacting experts in the field in order to identify the best professional products for cleaning marble and natural stones. There are many specific products for the treatment of marble and they include detergents, stain removers, protective waxes, water-repellent and stain-resistant products, descalers and much more. For this reason, in order to facilitate the choice of the best products, Dedalo has decided to report below three of the most reliable companies in terms of quality and effectiveness of products for the care and maintenance of marble and natural stones:

Faber, an Italian company based in Fabriano, which sells surface maintenance products. They also provide an e-commerce site for private customers from which it is possible to buy and receive products for cleaning marble at home. they ship to europe but try to contact them if you are in a different country

Industrial Chem Italia, a Tuscan company from Camaiore, in the province of Lucca, which offers products for the treatment of marble and granite.

Fila Solutions, an Italian company based in the province of Padua that sells a wide range of products for the maintenance of natural stones, based on the finish and type of installation. We recommend to visit this website using Chrome.

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