Travertine Coverings, Floors and Custom Bathroom Fittings for Villa in Lugano

Travertine tiles for covering and floor, bathroom furnishing, sinks and covering

In this project, we realized all the interiors of a contemporary design villa by using the Classic Roman Travertine (the same used for the construction of the Colosseum) as wall coverings, floors and as a raw material for the construction of monolithic bathroom fittings; in particular custom-made sinks and shower bases, flush with the floor.
We started from an analysis of the project by talking both with the owner and with the architect in order to identify the material that, according to colour, vein pattern and technical characteristics, could be better adapted to the various needs of the customer.

The choice fell on the Classic Roman Travertine plastered with cement, as its horizontal vein of a soft and warm color perfectly matched the minimal and sober atmosphere of the rooms.
We went directly to the quarry with the customer for selecting the material and there we purchased two large twin blocks so as to guarantee the uniformity of the whole project.

Sink and Wall Covering in Travertine

Travertine Floors and Interior Coverings

The design of the Travertine floor has been developed over a floor area of over 500 square meters, tiled with large-format tiles (approximately 150 x 75 cm), as well as 200 square meters of wall coverings in the bathrooms. All floors are 15 mm thick while the wall coverings are 12 mm thick.
The goal was to be able to personalize all the stone elements using only one material and the same design so that the marble part turned out to be a sort of unique surface able to connect and to even out all the rooms of the villa.

Travertine floor

Travertine Stairs

In addition to the surfaces we also created the Travertine stairs, characterized by the joints on the corners at 45° so as to form steps that recall the appearance of a single block; the whole coordinated with all shower trays and sinks in every bathroom.
The result was extremely harmonious and elegant. The perceived quality is very high and the value of the stone project consists in having created a tailor-made space whose precision and sobriety enhances the overall beauty of all the rooms.

Travertine stairs

Roman Classic Travertine for coverings

Travertine has always been an excellent choice for interior and exterior covering also because it is extremely resistant to water, atmospheric agents and temperature changes.
It is a fine-grained limestone sedimentary rock that has been used in building projects for centuries, since the time of the Ancient Romans. Being a sturdy stone, it has always been used both in sculpture and as a covering for walls and floors. Given the high porosity of this natural stone, its colour depends on the oxides it incorporated during its genesis. Generally, the background colour ranges from very light white or beige to walnut, with shades ranging from yellow to red. Specifically, the Classic Roman Travertine has a beige-hazel base colour, with veins tending to white.

The most valuable travertine is found in Italy, in the quarries of the Tivoli area, the same from which the Ancient Romans used to take the stone material to build the cities. The Latins called this material “lapis tiberinus” and given the widespread use they made of it in building as opposed to the local tuff stones, at that time widely used, it was renamed Travertino Romano.

Other important areas of Travertine extraction are found in Umbria, Marche and Tuscany, in the Siena area.

Travertine tile

Travertine Bathroom Sinks, Shower Bases, Floor and Wall Covering

In the furnishing project of this luxury villa we have created fully custom-made bathroom furniture.  The rectangular-shaped sinks of the main bathroom were made of travertine and hanged on an extra clear glass top, on which we added some accessories such as a travertine soap dish and a towel-holder loop.

The shower, like the rest of the bathroom, is entirely covered in travertine and has a soap dish niche integrated into the covering and a custom-made shower tray, installed at floor level, to create a continuity of surfaces.

In the secondary bathroom, there is a wall mounted sink, directly anchored without countertop. All the washbasins have been custom made, inspired by the design and technology that are the basis of our marble sink with glass top Loto.

Travertine sink on glass top

Custom sink in travertine


Our order management has included all the phases of the project, from finding materials to field surveys, from executive technical drawings to the realization of all the products up to the transport and installation of all the marbles.


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